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Doug Jerebine

Doug Jerebine Is Jesse Harper (CD/LP/DL) through Drag City

1 Midnight Sun
2 Hole In My Hand
3 Fall Down
4 Ashes and Matches
5 Thawed Ice
6 Aint So Hard To Do
7 Good New Blues
8 Reddened Eyes
9 Cicles
10 Idea
11 (The Whole Worlds) Hanging on My Side
12 Bengal Tiger
13 Tea for Two
14 Fire
15 Nava Shanti

Awake album cover


Awake (CD/LP/DL) through Wah-Wah Records

1 Awake
2 Highway Of Love
3 Dream Chant
4 Broken Wings
5 Country High
6 Reign Away
7 Angel On My Mind

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie album cover


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (CD/DL)

1 Bad Things In The World Make the Nice Things Nicer
2 Remember To Understand
3 People Going Nowhere
4 And the Band Played
5 On This Planet
6 Gypsy Rover
7 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
8 We Love Rock and Roll

Mantis Turn On To Music Album Cover

Project Management


Turn Onto Music (LP) through Universal Music

1 Day And Night
2 In The Midnight Hour
3 You Don’t Love Me
4 Mississippi Queen
5 Shake That Fat
6 Turn On To Music
7 Firewalker
8 Back At The Village
9 Hurricane BeBe

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie album cover

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All Right In The City (LP) through Universal Music

Alright In The City Quincy Conserve
Highway Driver Link
Stop: The Music Is Over Lutha
Highway The Human Instinct
It’s A Blessing The Underdogs
Marbles Billy T.K and Powerhouse
Highway of Love Ticket
Hole In My Hand Jesse Harper
All In My Head Farmyard
The Bruiser Soundproof
Run Run Run Collision

Too Much Monkey Business album cover

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Too Much Monkey Business (LP) through Universal Music

Too Much Monkey Business The Bitter End
I’m A Dog The Librettos
Ain’t Got You The Breakaways
Lies The Minors
Down In The Mine Peter Nelson & The Castaways
Loves Gonna Live Here Sounds Unlimited
Get The Picture The Selected Few
Love Mr Lee Grant
My Mama George The Fourmyula
Morning Dew Retaliation
Time Beyond The Top Shelf
Water Pipe The Avengers
If I Had The Time The Fourmyula
If I Were A Carpenter Tom Thumb
The Grooviest Girl In The World The Simple Image

Space Farm

Space Farm (LP) through Wah-Wah Records

1 Space Farm
2 Homeward Bound
3 Infinity Way
4 Waking Dream
5 On The Loose
6 Flying
7 Gypsy Queen
8 Wheel
9 Lover Not A Dancer

Tom Thumb

The Essential Recordings (LP) through Break-Away Records

1 You're Gonna Miss Me
2 Whatcha Gonna Do About It
3 Got Love
4 I Need You
5 Tired Of Trying
6 Little Girl
7 Sorry She's Mine
8 Respect
9 Hanky Panky
10 Still As A Stone
11 If I Were A Carpenter
12 Witchi-Tai-To
13 Hey Bulldog
14 Ludgate Hill